26 January 2006

Pedestrian environment in Jakarta - little report

I just stumbled across a short report by Andi Rahmah of the Indonesian NGO Pelangi, Indonesia. It is entitled "Creating Pedestrian Environment as a Strategy in Developing Livable Jakarta".

It is based on a small study by Pelangi and ITDP that was prompted by the initial bus rapid transit ('TransJakarta Busway') project in Jakarta. {By the way, Jakarta has just opened two more Busway corridors. ITDP also has a lot more about the Jakarta Busway story over the years on its website.}

This pedestrian report includes some fascinating photos and diagrams. Here is one describing pedestrian movements near the Kota Station in the old centre of Jakarta. I am not sure if the pedestrian environment has changed since this survey was carried out in 2003.

Although this is a very brief report (and doesn't include much of the actual data collected) but still interesting since pedestrian studies in developing seem hard to get hold of.

I was interested that pedestrian bridges are a target of some strong criticism. I wonder how the Jakarta authorities responded.

There was a brief but interesting discussion on pedestrian overpasses at sustran-discuss in 2004.

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