23 November 2005

Blogging on urban transport in Asia or for Asia

I keep a close eye on urban transport policy issues, with a focus on Asia, from a base in Singapore. I plan to use this blog to focus my mind and share some thoughts on the transport and urban issues that interest me.

All over the region people are desperate for better urban transport policy... and desperately trying to work out what that means.

I hope this blog can be useful and interesting for anyone interested in the role of transport in making cities and towns better for everyone.

The focus is Asia but I will also post things from elsewhere that might be of interest here in Asia.

It should complement the great work being done by people like the GTZ Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP), the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and many others.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

Glad to see this blog, though I remain part of the Sustran list.

You might remember that we met in KL in 2000 in the company of Dr.Yeoh Seng Guan, then at Sunway College.

I continue to write on equity issues including in Transport, and here is a recent piece in The Hindu that is linked to the ambitious plan for urban renewal in India.

Shall visit often.

A new deal for old cities